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VSNT Certification in Narrative Therapy


Level 1 - Foundations (30 hours)
Level 2 - Applied Skills - OR Advanced 6-day Narrative Practice (30 hours)
Level 3 - Certification - Supervision (90 hours) + Demonstrated Practice ​Proficiency


1. Completion of Level 1, Foundations of Narrative Therapy.

2. Completion of Level 2, Applied Skills (Developing Questions) OR Advanced Narrative Therapy Practice.
3. Completion of VSNT’s 6 Month Cross Training Supervision Immersion course.
4. Provincial professional registration or state licensure and proven certification in your discipline – a copy to be submitted with certification application.

5. A letter of recommendation from a professional colleague or supervisor in your field.
6. Final Interview. At this point the applicant has already engaged in months of rigorous supervision of their unaltered session tapes/transcripts with VSNT faculty supervisors. The interview celebrates the hard won commitment and knowledge of the applicant and shares insider stories on maintaining practice values and community involvement.  


** VSNT welcomes graduate students to complete the certification training and supervision hours. Once you have graduated and achieved your provincial professional registration or state licensure, you will immediately be added to the VSNT referral listing.

**Please Note: If you are a longstanding student of VSNT you may certainly have taken qualified courses/workshops not listed above. 

Certification in Narrative Therapy:

Completion of Level 3, Supervision and Demonstrated Practice ​Proficiency does not guarantee Certification as VSNT approved Narrative Therapist. Certification is an individualized process that requires demonstrated proficiency in narrative therapy practice ability, theoretical understanding, a commitment to professional ethics, and legally accepted credentials to practice in the mental health field within your region.

Graduates of Level 3 are awarded “Certification in Narrative Therapy by the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy” and may use the phrase “Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy (VSNT) Certified Narrative Therapist” to indicate their achievement.


Certification in Narrative Therapy by the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy includes the therapist name, contact and area of preferred practice (children, eating disorders, couples etc.) in our VSNT Online Narrative Therapist Directory.


VSNT is very often contacted to make narrative therapist referrals to clients and other narrative therapists around the world. Certified VSNT therapists will be grouped within their preferred 'specialty' and added to our international referral roster.


The above phrases do not in any way, real or implied, supersede laws governing the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional. VSNT is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional.

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Are you Ready to Apply?

Questions and/or have you completed Levels 1-3? Please contact VSNT to begin your certification application.

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