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 February 28 - FEBRUARY 29, 2020


12 CE credits through Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association



DAY 1  

Friday February 28 - 9:15 AM – 4:15 PM

Stephen Madigan PhD (Canada)

Relational Interviewing with Conflicted Couple Relationships

Stephen is the director of training at the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. His ground breaking Relational Interviewing practice with Conflicted Couple Relationships offers a non-essentialist and relational alternative to popular dysfunction focused models of couple therapy. Participants learn the theory and practice of narrative therapy informed Relational Interviewing through a step-by-step analysis of his couple therapy video sessions recently filmed in Canada and  Norway.

DAY 2:

SATURDAY  9:15 AM – 12:30 PM

David Nylund PhD (USA)

Relational Interviewing Supervision with Supervisee/Client Relationships


As acting clinical supervisor of the award winning, trans focused, Gender Health Centre in Sacramento California, David has created a new narrative therapy informed model of Relational Supervision. Throughout the year he supervises a colossal number of Social Work, Family Therapy and Medical School students alongside both new and veteran, local and international - narrative therapists. David outlines his developing fascination, practice and  interest in the relational meaning of the therapist/client relationship that includes writing therapeutic letters directly to the therapist/client relationship.

DAY 2:

SATURDAY  1:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Helene Grau MA (Denmark)

Relational Interviewing with Couple/Parental Relationships and Loved Ones Who Are No Longer Breathing

Helene is a co-founder of Praksis: The Centre for Narrative Therapy in Copenhagen, Denmark. She demonstrates her beautifully crafted narrative therapy informed Relational Interviewing conversations designed to address grief and death in ways that cultivate, honour and support ongoing relationships with loved ones who are no longer breathing. Helene's relational practice makes use of transcripts to demonstrate narrative questions, therapeutic letter writing and relational pathways that support the couple relationship and assists the parental relationship to develop and ongoing relationship to the child that is no longer breathing. 

Dandelion Collage



Participants explore a variety of narrative therapy informed Relational Interviewing practices involved with parental relationships, conflicted couple relationships, and supervisory relationships. 

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