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Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy.Live

Training with Integrity, Creativity, Politic and Purpose


Vancouver School for Narrative

Therapy Live is the worlds largest online interactive Narrative Therapy learning, training, and discussion platform.

"The only trouble I find with is that I spend so much time watching and reading all the material on it (: It's become my new kind of healthy physical fitness I do every day. This is the highest compliment I can offer. Outstanding. Thanks " - member, Los Angeles, California.

" has changed everything!! - especially the way I understand. the history, theory and practice of narrative therapy. Sadly I wasn't around to see Michael White or be apart of the all the excitement but now I feel I have been given the chance to relive what narrative was and also what it has become. Thank you so much for providing me with this amazing community that I was desperately trying to find and connect with." - member, Toronto, Canada.

At last count in early 2024 the ever growing list of learning options included ~ over 250 CEC course lessons + over 100 documents (current and historical articles/session transcripts/workshop slides) + over 100 on-of-a-kind recorded workshop lectures, Live client therapy sessions, and Live interactive long play series (on a wide variety of theoretical, practice, and justice base topics) with VSNT faculty and international guests discussing all the most recent narrative ideas and therapeutic practices. invites you to join, get to know, and interact alongside hundreds and hundreds of narrative therapists, community workers, theorists, students, professors, and supervisors from cities all over the world. members - after signing rigorous confidentiality forms -

gain unlimited access to a kind, supportive and generative community of narrative therapists living in cool narrative therapy communities all over the world.

Praise for from our narrative therapy community:

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