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Welcome to the Vancouver School For Narrative Therapy

The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy (VSNT) opened as the first Narrative Therapy Training Institute in the Northern Hemisphere. VSNT is home to the most experienced, most published, and most highly trained Narrative Therapy Teaching Faculty in the world.​ We invite you to join our international community alongside thousands of other dedicated therapists and students to learn about the beauty, politic, ideology, justice, and creativity of this work.


Training Opportunities

VSNT.live membership offers significant discounts to all training events

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5-Day Foundations Certificate Training

(30 CEC's)

"Without any exaggeration - I learned more through VSNT Foundations than I have through 2 years of Graduate School. Amazing! Thank you. "

- September 2021 Foundations participant.

Five world-class narrative therapists teach alongside a revered critical race theorist and one internationally renowned philosopher. Together, they guide participants towards a meaningful and practical understanding of both narrative therapy theory and practice. VSNT faculty illustrate the complexity and creativity of their interviewing practice through patient discussion, 'slow showing' session tapes, and conducting live interview demonstrations. 

3-Day Applied Skills of Narrative Practice (18 CEC's)

"The benefits of this workshop far exceeded my expectations and it really solidified for me that I want to continue on in this work.Thank you for a great weekend!"

- November 2021 Applied Skills participant

Applied Skills Practice course creatively builds participant knowledge and practice confidence in the development of narrative therapy questions and therapeutic letters.


Course learning is highly interactive experiential supervisory learning and designed to help participants move forward and away from the struggle of not knowing how to proceed during narrative therapy interviews with clients.

Faculty include practicing narrative therapists Stephen Madigan and David (Rock) Nylund and the brilliant philosopher Todd May.

Past Foundations participants welcome + therapists/students with a working understanding of narrative therapy.

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5-Day Advanced Narrative Practice  (30 CEC's)

"Thanks SO MUCH VSNT - for letting your faculties creative horses out of the barn. WOW!"

- May 2021 Advanced Practice participant.


Advanced Narrative Practice showcases VSNT faculty's latest breakthroughs in theory and practice. The course builds upon your traditional narrative practice experience by demonstrating a wide assortment of new theoretical understandings and relationally creative forms of narrative therapy practice.


Advanced Narrative Practice is collectively taught through the new work of: a critical race scholar, a continental philosopher, a trans identified community organizer, and six world class narrative therapists.


All participants are welcome.


Couple Therapy Training

Teaching alongside the brilliant philosopher Todd May, award winning couple therapist Stephen Madigan demonstrates how he created a new relational, non-individualist, contextualized and common-sense approach to the practice of couple therapy.


"The Relational Interviewing workshop offers a paradise for any couple therapist - especially those with a narrative therapy soul. Powerful! Brilliant! Bravo Stephen!"

- January 2020 Participant, Hong Kong, China


Todd brings participants into the complexities of the theory supporting Relational Interviewing. Stephen demonstrates the most current relational practices of Relational Interviewing through teaching slides, interactive discussions, and shows a wide variety of video taped sessions with conflicted couple relationships he works with in Canada, Noway and the USA.

"I could not fail to tell you that your Relational Interviewing course was not only significant in relation to my professional mediation practice. It also made all the difference to my married life.  My husband loved the concept of fidelity to the foundational values of the relationship!  Thank you so much for that!"

- October 2021 Participant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Come witness the practice of couple therapy the world of couple therapy is talking about.  

All welcome.


VSNT.live has been described as "Highly addictive", "Otherworldly", and "Netflix for Narrative Therapists".


An exclusive, membership only, 24/7, online interactive narrative therapy learning platform providing the largest archive of Narrative Therapy recorded workshop lectures, Live client therapy sessions, curated CEC courses, session transcripts, selected articles, and Live interactive long play series with VSNT faculty and international guests discussing all the new narrative ideas and therapeutic practices. 

** Yearly memberships begin at $159. and offer discounts to ALL VSNT training events.

Third Nordic Narrative Therapy Conference 

Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy &

Narativ Praxis Bergen present the Third Nordic Narrative Therapy Conference highlighting the work of International Presenters demonstrating new developments in narrative therapy practice with children, families, couples and communities.

Dates: May 4-6, 2022

Location: Bergen Literaturhaus, Østre Skostredet 5, 5017

Bergen, Norway

Teaching Faculty: Mwamini Ali-Sivertsen (Norway), Rosa Arteaga (Canada), Elin Bjøru (Norway), Stein Roger Brønseth (Norway), Erling Fidjestøl (Norway), Helene Grau (Denmark), Nina Tejs Jorring (Denmark), Cecilie Kristiansen (Norway), Cecilie Erichsen Lærkerød (Norway), Stephen Madigan (Canada), David Marsten (USA), Gunnar Martinsen (Norway), Todd May (USA), Aaron Munro (Canada), Ottar Ness (Norway), David Nylund (USA), Siv Sæveraas (Norway), Rolph Sundet (Norway), Dina von Heimburg (Norway). 


"I loved all the information and getting it from such high quality professionals. It was amazing to be able to see them all in action. The live demonstrations were probably my favourite part, as well as all of the discussion."

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