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Welcome to the Vancouver School For Narrative Therapy

The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy (VSNT) opened as the first Narrative Therapy Training Institute in the Northern Hemisphere. VSNT is home to the most experienced, most published, and most highly trained Narrative Therapy Teaching Faculty in the world.​ We invite you to join our international community alongside thousands of other dedicated therapists and students to learn about the beauty, politic, ideology, justice, and creativity of this work.


Training Opportunities

VSNT.live membership offers significant discounts to all training events

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5-Day Foundations Certificate Training

(30 CEC's)

Five world-class narrative therapists teach alongside a revered critical race theorist and one internationally renowned philosopher. Together, they guide participants towards a meaningful and practical understanding of both narrative therapy theory and practice. VSNT faculty illustrate the complexity and creativity of their interviewing practice through patient discussion, 'slow showing' session tapes, and conducting live interview demonstrations. 

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3-Day Skills of Practice Certificate Training  
(18 CEC's)

OK. A Philosopher and writer of 16 books joins two highly skilled VSNT faculty supervisors with thousands and thousands of therapy hours sitting in the narrative therapist chair. Working together, these 3 guide participants in 3 days of up close skills of practice learning. Participants experience the rigour and beauty of post-structuralist ideas as it joins together with the intimacy and imagination of live demonstration counter-story interviews - all designed to teach the creative art of developing narrative therapy questions and writing therapeutic letters.

The course is designed for practicing narrative therapists and is the next step forward after our 5-Day Foundations certificate training. 

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NEW! Advanced Narrative Practice for Advanced Practitioners (30 CEC's)

While adhering to Michael White's conceptual practice framework, participants interact and learn how VSNT faculty's narrative therapy practice and theoretical understandings have dramatically changed.


Inspired through the work of a critical race scholar, trans identified community organizers, a brilliant continental philosopher, and six world class narrative therapists, the VSNT faculty come together to teach, demonstrate, and discuss how and why they are reshaping the ideas and practice of narrative therapy.



VSNT.live has been described as "Highly addictive", "Otherworldly", and "Netflix for Narrative Therapists".


An exclusive, membership only, online interactive narrative therapy learning platform providing the largest archive of Narrative Therapy recorded workshop lectures, Live client therapy sessions, unaltered session transcripts, curated CEC courses, selected articles and Live interactive long play series discussing new ideas and practice. 

** Yearly membership offers great discounts to ALL VSNT training events

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"I loved all the information and getting it from such high quality professionals. It was amazing to be able to see them all in action. The live demonstrations were probably my favourite part, as well as all of the discussion."

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