Advanced Training for Advanced Practitioners

Advanced Narrative Practice Training for Advanced Practitioners


Michael White's non-individualist post-structural fundamentals taught in our 5-day Foundations and Developing Questions certificate courses continues to inform VSNT faculty teaching. Without a secure knowledge and understanding of how Michael comprehended his practice, neither the new or already arrived narrative therapist would necessarily know how to navigate the stories told.

While at the same time we respectfully keep Michael's foundational ideas at the forefront of practice, VSNT faculty have been completely reshaping the structure of the interview, the questions asked in the interview, how we receive story into the interview, and the relational meaning of client experience inside the interview, room.

Our Advance certificate course is specifically designed to show the next evolution for – for Mid-level to Advanced-level narrative therapists and supervisors (and, where applicable, Professors and advanced practice Graduate Student).

Online Teaching Faculty: TBA

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Location: Classes will be taught live through Zoom video conferencing

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Proof of student status is required upon registration

This course is presented live. Due to issues of confidentiality and participant consent, recordings of this training will not be made available.


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"I loved all the information and getting it from such high quality professionals. It was amazing to be able to see them all in action. The live demonstrations were probably my favourite part, as well as all of the discussion."

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